Executive Coaching

I have worked with a number of  executives, and senior management to help them function more effectively in their workplace and at home. My belief is that often people at high levels in the corporate world face a myriad of pressures with which they must cope privately. They encounter conflicting demands and commands, such as “do more with less,” or “function independently, but make sure you report back before you make decisions.” They also often have no one with whom they can have an honest conversation and share some honest emotions, thoughts and experiences. The result is a toxic situation.

It is a common, but mistaken belief that people need to be able to “leave their problems at home.” Similarly, we believe we should “leave your problems at the office” when we come home to our family. The reality is, oftentimes we cannot. Events or stressors occurring at home will affect how we function at work, and vice versa.

We also all have our coping and behaviour patterns that result from the way we see and understand the world. Some of these patterns are more functional than others. Although we can learn techniques that will help with communication and behavioural interactions, in times of stress, we tend to use those that are oldest and most familiar, because they are “safest”

Toxic work environments combined with work and home stress will trigger those oldest and sometimes most unhealthy behaviour patterns. This ends up in creating dysfunctional relationships and situations that impact on maximum potential functioning.

Executive coaching will focus on helping you to assess your self  while you are dealing with Interview at your work place, Business Expansion Psychology Ideas, Psychology Online and Offline Marketing Stratagies and the different environments that make up your life. I will examine the stresses, and how you are react to them. I will look at your strengths and weaknesses, your patterns and behaviours, and your thoughts and perceptions.

My Executive coaching will help you reach your maximum potential through providing a means to a detoxifying experience at work. It will help you to develop better coping mechanisms to deal with stress, no matter if it is generated in your work, home, or “inner” life.. The result will be improved and better balanced home and work life.

Executive coaching provides an unbiased, non-judgmental forum for you to find solutions to issues that confront you, by using a variety of approaches.

Coaching sessions one through four are held in my office or Best Place that suits for Good Communication Environment. After that I will assess together how to continue working together which could be by phone or by real time on the internet, or by email.

After counseling procedure is complete I will prepare a complete practical documentation for you based upon your behavioral story and it will guide you to take exact and perfect steps for your success in Business and In your Future Life.

Executive coaching costs are $125.00 per hour.